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    AGREED! Ugh! They’re amazing! And remind me of me and my sister in sooo many ways!

    //I’m watching ‘Lilo and Stitch’ and Ahrdhsh! It always makes me wanna cry when Nani’s about to lose Lilo.

    Everyone talks about Frozen showing sisterly love, but it doesn’t come anywhere close to Lilo and Nani’s relationship!


    //Right?! I love them! But then the people with them annoy me all the time!

    //My guilty TV pleasures:

    Dance Moms
    Too Cute
    Say Yes to the Dress

    All of which I’m watching now xD

    //Making home made chicken noodle soup, which I’ve never made before. Sooo, we’ll see how it turns out

    //I need a Pepper to RP with. I think her and Sigyn would get along well.

    Treading Water


    "I was not…" he mumbled out the words with his eyes cast down at the water. Perhaps he was pushing himself, but that didn’t mean he had to admit it. Catching her hand after the kiss, he brought it to his own lips and placed a kiss upon the palm. "Perhaps you do not understand how much you mean to me. Time and careful planning was needed and with that…" Looking up, a smile tore across his lips. He may have been tired but this line of thought was only pushing him further into this lethargy.

    So instead, Lopt pulled Sigyn into the tub and onto his lap. “Oops.”

         Lopt’s words sent a flush of warmth and love through Sigyn. She beamed at him. But that only lasted until he pulled her into the bath. She let out a squeal of surprise, wrapping her arms around him. “Looopt!” she whined. “You know, you could have just asked instead of getting my clothes wet.”

         Though, she couldn’t find it in herself to be upset. She was entirely too happy to see him awake and acting somewhat like his normal self. Still, she gave a dramatic sigh. “You are such a pain,” she said, giving him a little grin.

    It’s All Coming Back to Me

    Send me a X and I'll set my phone's music app to random. The song that comes up will be made into a starter no matter what it is.

    It’s all coming back to me.

         It had been so long ago that Sigyn had fled- run from everything she had ever known and loved. So long ago that it was all just a distant memory, even to her. Of course, that could be because she had set out with the purpose of forgetting. After the fights she had, after the betrayal by the man she’d trusted, she’d never let herself even think of him again. After that final fight, she’d done what no one would have ever thought her capable of doing- she’d fled Asgard.

         She cloaked herself so that not even Heimdall would find her and fled. She became a traveler, helping those where ever she went. But, eventually settled among the humans in the Caribbean. And, she’d all but forgotten him- didn’t even remember the sound of his voice.

         That was, until he spoke her name. Until he was right before her, eyes boring into her, body and presence near enough for her to touch- a touch that was out of memory.

         ”Thor,” she breathed, the name sounding odd on her own tongue.

    //The thing about getting sick for me is how it affects my asthma. X_X

    I haaaate it!

    send me a X and i’ll set my phone’s music app to random, The song that comes up will be made into a starter no matter what it is.



    i loved the other meme so i made my own! so someone please do this!


    depending on the song it may be very AU.